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Too Honest To Handle

Jul 30, 2021

Re: previous episode I had a bunch of you say you struggle trusting the timing of your life or are scared of trusting and leaning into faith

I give you my ONE BIG tool that will help you put on your scientist goggles on and instantly find comfort in the timing of it all. 


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Jul 28, 2021

No seriously I mean it. You had to experience what you did in order to become the person you are today and thus you are perfectly equipped for what is to come in the future because you are presently going through it right now. 


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Jul 26, 2021

A switch flipped for me on my walk and I realized it only takes TWO steps to go from bullying yourself to taking inspired action towards your dreams. 


- Why you fail

- How you are both your greatest cheerleader and biggest bully

- How to reframe 'hard' things to get you to actually run after them



Jul 22, 2021

Today's episode is exactly as the title says - a little scatterbrained and definitely a battle field. BUT we get to some conclusions in the end. 

There is always a season where the dust kicks up and clouds your judgement and desires - but with today's golden nuggets I am positive you will be feeling a lot more inspired...

Jul 21, 2021

Recorded back in April a month into owning my puppy - I share the honest emotions of raising a puppy and recognizing my own emotions. 

If you've ever had an adult temper tantrum and felt anything other than neutral about it - this is the episode for you. I want you to walk away releasing any guilt or shame in regard to...