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Too Honest To Handle

Feb 18, 2021

Today Kyle Axman is in the hot seat! 

He is an NYC-based fitness professional, actor and model who was a founding trainer of both Flywheel On Demand and Rumble-Training. Kyle is a Team Zoot Triathlete and marathon runner who uses endurance sports as his meditation and “me-time” in his fast-paced lifestyle.



Feb 8, 2021

Today KrysAnn Boggs is in the hot seat!

KrysAnn is a Pregnant and Postpartum Fitness Specialist offering fitness and nutrition coaching in-person and online. She focuses on realistic, sustainable, and weight-neutral approaches to fitness and nutrition for the pregnant and postpartum population.

Find her:

Feb 2, 2021

Today Mark Bottenhorn is in the hot seat! 

Mark is an elite ultra endurance athlete, powerlifter and coach based in Dallas, TX. Mark coaches athletes of all abilities through his run Strong and Hybrid Strong coaching platforms

Find him on Instagram @bottenhornrunning